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Count Basie Center for the Arts

99 Monmouth Street, Red Bank, NJ 07701
732.224.8778 (Office) · 732.842.9000 (Box Office)

The Count Basie Center for the Arts is a nonprofit corporation organized under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. The day to day operations of the theater are administered by a professional staff, according to policies and direction established by the Board of Trustees, which is comprised of civic and community leaders who volunteer their time and receive no compensation for their efforts. | For job opportunities, click here.

Executive Board

Jeremy Grunin

Stephen Cutler
Vice Chair of Operation

Maggie Riker
Vice Chair of Development

Mark Hogan

Mitch Ansell

Michael Parent

Robin Klein
Human Resources Chair

Tom Widener
Chairman Emeritus

Adam Philipson
President & Chief Executive Officer, Ex Officio

Board of Trustees

Harry Agnostak
Stuart Alderoty
Mitch Ansell
Peter Ardolino
Tom Bernard
Sarah Bradley
Michael Bruno
Lillian Burry
Robert Chandler
Craig Cummings
Claudia Dulac

Mollie Giamanco
Beth Giannotto
Lauren Goldfarb
Yvonne Grayson
Robin Klein
Maria Maher
Marshall Knopf
Judi Marrus
Mario Monello
Mark Rohl

Peter T. Roselle
Matthew J. Saker
Steven M. Schultz
Pat Scire
Peter B. Seligman
Karen Siciliano
Richard Spengler
Carol Stillwell
Darrell Lawrence Willis
Kaye Wise
Edward J. Zipprich

Board of Advisors

Steve Bidgood • David Cooner • Faith and Warren Diamond • John E. Ekdahl • Vin Gopal • Tim Hogan • Joseph Kyrillos • Brian Leddin
Russell J. Lucas • Ed McKenna • Raymond Moser • Nancy Mulheren • Paul Nicholson • Jamie Price • Chip Schulz • Patti Scialfa-Springsteen
David A. Springsteen • Larry Sykoff • Maureen Van Zandt • Steven Van Zandt • Ira Walker • Hugh Ward • Al Weiss



Adam Philipson
Chief Executive Officer & President
732-224-8778 x 131

Kevin McGee


Ann Marie Keenan
Human Resources Director
732-224-8778 x 132


Jamie Ferlanti
Director of Special Events
732-224-8778 x 114

Kelly Schmidt
Sponsorship Manager
732-224-8778 x 115

Daryl Lynn O’Connell
Membership Manager
732-224-8778 x 109

Sherise J. Nash
Development Associate
732-224-8778 x 135


Karen Franklin
Chief Financial Officer
& Vice President of Finance
732-224-8778 x 108

Antoinette Koski
Finance Coordinator
732-224-8778 x 119

Cassandra Worman
Finance Associate
732-224-8778 x 133

Angela Stern
Finance Assistant
732-224-8778 x 118


Jonathan E. Vena
Vice President, Marketing
& Public Relations
732-224-8778 x 107

Andrew Musser
Creative Director
732-224-8778 x 120

Kayla Prendergast
Marketing Manager
732-224-8778 x 123

Caileigh Nerney
Graphic Designer
732-224-8778 x 129

Alexandra M. Morris
Video Content Producer


Izzy Sackowitz
Executive Vice President
& General Manager
732-224-8778 x 122

Joe Pulito
Senior Director of Operations
732-224-8778 x 117

Andrea Seeley
Operations Coordinator
732-224-8778 x 116

Mike Jacoby
Technical Director
732-224-8778 x 112

Chris Lomazzo
Facilities Director
732-224-8778 x 105

Cory Minervini
House Manager
732-224-8778 x 126

Marion Fuget
Merchandise Manager
732-224-8778 x 105

Roy McCurdy
Custodial Supervisor
732-224-8778 x 111

Art Veglia
Bar Manager
732-224-8778 x 105


Yvonne Lamb Scudiery
Vice President, Education
732-224-8778 x 106

Dr. Lucy Chen
Director, Monmouth Conservatory of Music and Head of Music Programs
732-224-8778 x 142

Samantha Giustiniani
Senior Director of Education
& Outreach
732-224-8778 x 130

Sue Brennan
Education Assistant
732-224-8778 x 125

Jennifer Lee
Arts Education &
Outreach Associate / Monmouth Conservatory Administrator
732-224-8778 x 124

Rachel Repole
Education Associate

Jessica O’Brien
Education Associate/Teaching Artist


Ralph Colombino
Christine deDimas
Marjorie Enerson
Anthony Greco
Joan Kilcommons
Deb Lyons
Jacqueline Fisher
Angela Lomangino
Joe Muccioli
Robin Oddo
Michael O’Keeffe
Lori Olson
Michael Penna
Kellie Shane
Christopher Tomaino


Yolande Ruggiero
Box Office Manager
732-224-8778 x 113


Carly Brach
Laurie Dalton
Rachel Fitzpatrick
Amanda Hands
Noelle Martines
Jessica McGovern
Jessica McLaughlin
Donna Lee Peger
Elizabeth Taher
Nicole Totland
Jared Warnke