PWN Onstage: Labyrinth Theater

SEPT 17 • 7PM

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Tickets: $10

Before there were podcasts … before there was even TV … audiences gathered around the family radio to listen to popular entertainment programming.

At Project Write Now, we’re going back in time and paying homage to the roots of broadcast entertainment with a night of original radio plays created by YOU—our challenge participants.

How does it work? We give you a prompt in advance*, and you show up to the workshop with your scene (three to five pages) and assign roles. We ask the writer to quickly set the scene for the audience and then focus primarily on dialogue and other audio elements, such as sound effects (which will be provided as part of the prompt).

Participants will vote on “Best Scene.”

This workshop stimulates play/imagination and encourages connection, community, and friendly competition.

This is not a critique class; you don’t need to be a screenwriter or podcaster to join us. This writing challenge helps any writer learn to intuitively construct dynamic scenes that quickly establish a setup and tell a compelling and complete story through characterization, conflict, and dialogue.