Film Fest 2021 – Video Exhibition Page


Best Animation
Middle School

The Aliens of Titan Episode OneCharlie Cosgrove

Best Documentary
Middle School

Beneath the SkinPortia Cina/Melia Hillman


The MaskWill Dienes

When We’re AloneJaida Louie-Hollis

A Drive Through BrooklynCaitlin Bieri

BTHS Drama ClubSean Thrunk

Best Documentary High School
Best Direction High School

Ripples in Time…A New Museum Comes to Cape MayEleni DeSantis

Why Do You Jump?Tyrone Shields/Joe Guzzone

(M)BFFTori Dillon

Family TreeLeah Lichtenfeld

Best Narrative Film
High School

Growing PainsJennifer Ruiz-Gonzalez

Life After DeathSophie Jackson/Maura Collins

Nature’s Unrequited GiftKrish Patel

Best Acting Performance
High School
Edward Sambucci
as Donald

Only a FoolGabriel Werts

SharpDaniel Dollase

Step 1: Identify the ProblemSophia Consalvo

Audience Favorite

The Lighthouse-Italian IceTyrone Shields/Joe Guzzone

The Sky Behind the CloudsChris Zou

The White WoodSophie Jackson

Till the Last SipChristopher Gladden


Best Documentary

The MayorCarlie Falotico

AppetiteMaddy Freeman

Best Acting Performance
Kenneth Shook
as Wes Richards

BraindeadIan R. Baker

Corpus DelictiCharlee Reiff

I Never Said GoodbyeVaughn Battista

Love – allA. Roux Tabor

MismatchedKeeley Giblin

Overall Highest Rated

Not So AloneVeronica Tullo

Best Direction

The BetDavid Ambrose


This year’s festival will take place virtually on Wednesday, April 14, 2021. Trophies will be awarded in the middle school, high school and college age brackets, with recognition for “Best Narrative Film,” “Best Editing,” “Best Documentary,” “Best Animation” and “Best Acting Performance.” In addition, a day-of Audience Award is on the line, as well as a School Award for any school entering three or more films. See our Rules and Regulations for more details.

Middle School (7th-8th grade)
-Best Film

High School Filmmakers (9th-12th grade)
-Best Narrative Film
-Best Documentary
-Best Animation
-Best Acting Performance
-Best Direction

College Filmmakers up to age 25
-Best Narrative Film
-Best Documentary
-Best Animation
-Best Acting Performance
-Best Direction

In addition, an Audience Award will be given to the selection with the highest online score on April 14th.

A “School Award” will also be given, consisting of Sony filmmaking equipment. To qualify, at least three different selections must be submitted by a single school; winner to be chosen by the highest average score of their films.

Official Selections with the overall highest-rated and Audience Award films will receive a world premiere celebration at the new Basie Center Cinemas in Red Bank, NJ.

Basie Center Film fest laurels will be awarded to all finalists.