Visual Art Practices for Social-Emotional Learning

Type: Workshops / Residencies

Instructor: Chris Tomaino


The arts inherently promote social-emotional learning and focused attention. Visual art concepts and techniques are combined with mindfulness to promote creative expression, self-reflection, regulation, and efficacy. This selection of workshops helps address student stress levels while allowing for an enriching creative experience.


“The act of creating Art is the reward”

“When you are creative life flows through you”

“Enjoying creativity without standards is true happiness”


One-day workshops or multi-visit residency options available. Choose one or all from:




Connecting your emotions through visual art

Creating mandalas as a therapeutic art practice can help students reflect on their past, explore their present, and help them dream for their future. Students will associate memories, feelings, and experiences with colors, shapes, and patterns that will help them develop essential social-emotional skills like identifying emotions, self-perception, confidence and efficacy, goal setting, and reflecting.




Facing challenges through visual art

Through practices of forgiveness and gratitude students will express themselves creatively and either draw, paint, or collage to work through challenges and create “Beauty from the Ashes.” This artistic practice helps students identify and process emotions, build impulse control, and develop creative tools to deal with stress.




Realizing and visualizing your goals

The therapeutic practice of art affirmations is a perfect activity to develop goal setting, self-confidence, and self-efficacy. This is a great activity and resource to use at the beginning of a school year or semester. Students will focus on and create a visual representation of a goal they want to achieve. 




Goal setting and self-reflection

This exercise is intended to help students create something that represents the visions they have for their future through the four elements of wealth, love, health, and self-expression. Students create perfect squares either by writing or, more creatively, by associating pictures, colors, and poems with their goals. This wonderful practice can also be used to check-in with students (or for self-reflection) and re-evaluate goals.




De-stress, re-focus, and rejuvenate

Guided meditation for intuitive art creation is a wonderful activity to help students access their higher mind for creative thinking and ideas. After a guided meditation students will move into a personal creative moment where they can draw and express how they were feeling and what they were seeing. This practice helps students de-stress, re-focus, and gives them renewed energy for the rest of their day.




Unleashing spontaneity and creativity 

Journaling is a great practice for students that can become a way for them to bring to light concepts, beliefs, and patterns that they are holding in their subconscious mind. When students begin to write or draw whatever comes to them in that moment, they will find themselves releasing ideas and feelings they may not have even known were there.

A deeper layer to student art journaling can be added by incorporating the practice of gratitude. In choosing to find gratitude in every day of our lives it allows us to move forward in creating more of what we enjoy and appreciate in our lives.


MODE OF DELIVERY: Virtual and/or In-Person

PRICE: Each individual class workshop can be up to 60 minutes

  • Cost per workshop: $85
  • Cost for full day (up to 6 workshops per day): $500
  • Travel Fee (if in-person): $50 per day
  • Customizable Planning Fee (if applicable): $75


PROGRAM LENGTH: One day workshop or multi-day residency options available

RECOMMENDED FOR GRADE(S): 3rd through 12th


  • Virtual: Access to a virtual classroom (or ability to join Basie monitored Zoom Room). Materials are limited and may be supplied by the school or can be purchased and sent to the school for an additional fee.
  • In-Person: Access to outlets for speakers. If you are customizing your residency / workshop, teachers’ choice reference material and content support. Materials are limited and may be supplied by the school or can be purchased and brought to the school for an additional fee.


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