‘A Journal For Jordan’ screening, memoir author Dana Canedy set for Saturday in Red Bank

Pulitzer Prize winning Canedy’s story is the basis for the Denzel Washington-directed film

(RED BANK – FEBRUARY 2) The Count Basie Center for the Arts kicks off its recognition of Black History Month this Saturday, February 4 with its free film series at Basie Center Cinemas, 36 White Street in downtown Red Bank.

A Journal For Jordan, the 2021 film starring Michael B. Jordan, will be shown at 4:30PM Saturday, with a post-screening talkback with Pulitzer Prize-winning Dana Canedy, whose memoir provides the story behind the Denzel Washington-directed film. Canedy’s fiancé, First Sgt. Charles Monroe King, was killed in Iraq in 2006, but not before penning a series of letters to their unborn son, which are included throughout the memoir.

Dana Canedy and her son, Jordan
Dana Canedy and her son, Jordan, at the premiere of A Journal For Jordan

“I first wrote about losing Charles in the New York Times, where I was a journalist, and there was just an overwhelming, wonderful response from the readers, that actually helped in my grief,” says Canedy. “People reached out to us, and they were so generous… sending cards, notes and messages to us, and I felt surrounded by love.”

“I needed to do something with my grief, because I realized I could sink into that grief and be angry and bitter, or I could do something productive, and writing has always been salvation for me.”

Canedy’s memoir and its big screen adaptation were celebrated by critics and fans alike. “Denzel Washington delivers another strong adult-skewing drama about the American Black experience that only exists because he wanted to make it,” boasted Forbes magazine’s Scott Mendelson. New York Times critic Lisa Kennedy noted, “Denzel Washington directs… with care, respect and a deep-seated knowledge of the Black love stories that don’t make it to the big screen nearly enough. “Bring Kleenex; no shame in that,” National Post critic Chris Knight advised.

A Journal For Jordan screens at 4:30PM this Saturday, February 4 at Basie Center Cinemas, 36 White Street in downtown Red Bank. Free, advance tickets are required and are available at www.basiecentercinemas.org


Basie Center Cinemas will host free community film screenings throughout Black History Month. Interested patrons must reserve their free tickets online at www.basiecentercinemas.org or after 12pm on Wednesdays, Saturdays or Sundays at the Basie Center Cinemas box office, located onsite at 36 White Street in downtown Red Bank.

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