Improv Jam

Hosted by Michael O’Keefe

OCT 13 • 7PM


Tickets: $5 @ THE DOOR

Basie Center Cinemas • 36 White Street, Red Bank

The improv OG’s are back, baby! The pioneers of participatory guffaws! The torchbearers of making it up! The architects of building a scene from nothing! Now they want YOU to join them on stage once again!

Razor-sharp and devastating, Improv Jam is a horizons-expanding tour de force of in-your-face improvisational comedy. Unafraid to go there , Improv Jam goes where other shows don’t even dare, but still all the while developing engaging, grounded scene work. By the end of their two-act assault, you’ll be forever questioning your values, pretty much because you helped to forge them.  Improv Jam, the magical place where dreams come true and jokes go three steps too far.

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