Irish American Comedy + Film Fleadh


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Entradas: $28

Únase a nosotros mientras nos asociamos con nuestros amigos en el Festival Internacional de Cine de Comedia de Dublín mientras presentamos una selección de los mejores títulos del festival, ¡así como comediantes irlandeses! Una manera perfecta de comenzar una semana entera de celebraciones del Día de San Patricio. ¡Sláinte!

Algunas películas pueden contener lenguaje ofensivo o temas para adultos. Se sugiere orientación y restricción de los padres. Mayores de 21 años con identificación adecuada para beber.

Ghosted is a coming of (middle) age comedy about modern dating, true crime and best friends.
Director: Jeda De Bri
Writer: Sarah-Jane Scott

Following a recent sighting of her crush on a dating app, an overthinking millennial searches for reassurance that her feelings are reciprocated.
Director: Zoë Brennan-Whitmore
Writer: Mary Kirwan

Alphabet Soup
A man realises he has forgotten a very special occasion and rushes to salvage things with just minutes to spare.
Director: Conor Flynn
Writer: Conor Flynn

Daddy Issues
When Danny goes to dinner with his mother, Barbara, he is confronted by her haunted insistence his deceased father is still with her, forcing him to confront his fears about the ghosts existence or else deal with his mother’s presumed insanity.
Director: Erin Marsz
Writer: Erin Marsz

A short film about married couple Ziggy and Teddy, a fun-loving middle-aged couple, who lose the run of themselves on a secluded Cork island after they believe they are the only ones there.
Director: Brian Benjamin Dwyer
Writer: Brian Benjamin Dwyer

Barry Vs the Binman
A down on his luck thirty-something becomes fixated on a feud with his bin collectors when they begin leaving his wheelie-bin in other people’s driveways, all the while contending with his nightmare neighbours.
Director: Craig Moore
Writer: Craig Moore

Jill & Lill Do Knick Knacks
Two teenage girls find themselves in deep water after a seemingly innocuous prank ends in manslaughter.
Director: Keith Jordan
Writer: Keith Jordan

An isolated woman struggles with her ambition to write a book when distractions abound…
Director: Aoife O’Kelly
Writer: Aoife O’Kelly

A Christmas Matter
Christmas night in Accident & Emergency! Tone and Deal haven’t spent time together all year, but when their son has a fall down the stairs they are forced to change their Christmas plans and talk things through..
Director: Edwin Mullane
Writer: Garry Duggan