Watercolor Fun

Monday-Friday • 1-2PM • 2:30-3:30PM

July 27 - 31

Ages: 9 - 12 • 12+


Experiment with a wide variety of watercolor painting techniques that will bring out your inner Picasso. Our visual artist will guide young artists on a journey of creativity, color and experimentation. Each day will focus on one of the multiple ways to work with watercolor paints as each artist develops new skills and makes new virtual friends.

  • Monday: Intro To Watercolor (A Beginners Guide To Understanding The Basics Of Watercolor)
  • Tuesday: Watercolor Still Life
  • Wednesday: Watercolor Landscape
  • Thursday: Watercolor & Ink
  • Friday: Watercolor Figure Drawing

Monday-Friday 1-2PM • Ages: 9-12 • $85 week / $20 a day

Ages: 9-12 

Monday-Friday 2:30-3:30PM • Ages: 12+ • $85 week / $20 a day

Ages: 12+

Materials Needed: A simple watercolor kit, paper (watercolor paper optimal), and a small, medium and large soft tip brush. Access to the Zoom App on your phone, laptop or desktop.

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