TVT3 Private Taped Auditions and Editing Services

Scheduling ongoing

30 minutes+

All Ages

Instructor: Robert Gengerke / Angela Lomangino

TVT3 offers private taped audition and editing services for any actor at the Count Basie Center Academy of the Arts.  Packages include:

30 minutes of taping only; this includes a professional reader (for 2-person scenes), lighting, audio and video, editing,  choice of compression/delivery format and quick turn-around.

30 minutes of taping plus 30 minutes of coaching; which includes all of the above.

Editing services are available for actors and voiceover performers who choose to self-tape and want seamless visual/audio presentations.

Recorded Auditions (On Site or Group).
Registration and pricing:  Please contact Rachel Repole at

Due to changing guidance and the unknown variables of the COVID-19 variants, masks wearing will be required for all onsite participants and staff of the Basie Academy of the Arts.

*CDC / state guidance subject to change.

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