Art Adventures: MAKING A MURAL

Friday • May 29

4 - 5PM

Ages: 8 - 12



Students will complete interactive and creative arts-based projects to build their artistic technique, creativity and self-expression.

FRIDAY: May 8 – Origami and Paper Crafts
Materials needed- 5 pieces of square paper pre-cut before class (6×6 recommended)

FRIDAY: May 15 – Painting Hogwarts’ Night Sky
Materials needed – Watercolor palette or colored pencils, 2-3 paint brushes, paper (watercolor if you have it), Pencil with eraser, sharpie, cup water, paper towel

FRIDAY: May 22 – Draw and Paint Disney
Materials needed: White crayon, colored pencils or watercolor palette (watercolor is best but not necessary to participate), 2-3 paint brushes, pencil with eraser, cup of water, paper towel

FRIDAY: May 29 – Making a Mural
Materials needed: paper, pencil with eraser, all or one of the following: colored pencils, crayons, markers, paint

$20 each / $60 for all

Materials Needed: Access to the Zoom App on your phone, laptop or desktop

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