Linda Eder

SEPT 20 • 8PM

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Tickets: $75, $45, $35, $25 | Limit 8 tickets per billing address

Showcasing one of the greatest voices of our time, Linda Eder’s diverse repertoire spans Broadway, Standards, Pop, Country, and Jazz. When she performs “live” in concert, it is amazing to experience the ease with which she moves back and forth from one genre to another as if she were gifted with the vocal ability to perform each genre as well as all the others.

“My name is Linda Eder and I am a singer….! That’s all I’ve ever done.” I say that every night on stage at the start of my show. I feel incredibly lucky to have made a life in this business…a wonderful life. I have the fans to thank for that along with all the amazing people – agents, managers, record companies, songwriters, musicians, friends – who have helped me with my journey. I look back at the road behind me and marvel at all the wonderful stops along the way. I look to the road before me and still feel the thrill of the open road. Onward….!

Presented by Count Basie Center for the Arts & AM Productions